How to Deal With Workplace Harassment

Many employees in various industries suffer workplace harassment or bullying – repressive, demeaning or obnoxious conduct. Recent research indicates that the majority of victims of workplace bullying do nothing to rectify the problem. Employees who take no action to deal with harassment problems have been shown to be far less productive compared to other employees….


Dealing with Difficult Employees

In an ideal world, every employee would come to work regularly and on time, be a helpful team player and carryout their duties competently and with integrity. In return, the employer pays each employee an agreed or stipulated amount of remuneration, provides a safe and secure work environment, and treats each employee with fairness and…


Good Police Report Writing: A Guide

Most investigators and law enforcement officers regard taking contemporaneous notes and report writing as a necessary evil. Police field notes are extremely important to a police officer. Aside from serving as a personal log, the notebook is also utilized to document what the police officer has heard, seen, or actions taken such as seizure of…


The Several Advantages of Contemporaneous Time Entry

The dictionary defines contemporaneous as occurring, originating or existing in the same time period. Thus, contemporaneous time recording can be said to be when time is recorded as a task or job is being completed. Contemporaneous time recording within the legal industry was not feasible, or even possible until recently. This is essentially due to…


Top Tips When Searching For a Rental Property

Renting a house can be a complicated process and requires a great deal of planning and research. There are several benefits to renting a house. One very important benefit is that you’re not obligated to live within the same house forever. You can always move into another house if you’re not happy with a particular…


A Guide to Keeping Medical Records

Reliable medical records, whether electronic or handwritten are important for caring for patients in healthcare facilities. Medical records are kept to ensure continuity in follow-up care. Thus, they should genuinely represent all consultations (including those done via the phone). Even if you know your patients very well, memory is not reliable. Records provide an accurate…


Contemporaneous Notes – Ultimate Guide 2017

Contemporaneous: Definition [kuh n-tem-puh-rey-nee-uh s] “existing, occurring, or originating during the same time social and political events that were contemporaneous with each other ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Definition of Contemporaneous) Legal Definition of Contemporaneous This means taking place at the same time as another occurrence. ~ Legal Dictionary (Contemporaneous: Legal Definition & Legal Meaning) Article: Contemporaneous Notes as…