Patent – Inventor Contemporaneous Notes

Patent gives the owner the right to sue anyone who claims to have come up with the idea first or manufactures or markets products or services that flouts the claims made in the patent. A patent is generally awarded on first to file or first to invent basis. Currently in the US, the patents are…


Doctor Notes – Contemporaneous Notes

A doctor is considered to be a life savior, next only to God. Now imagine a scene like this, where a patient comes to a doctor for the treatment of minor fever and the administering doctor gave him the shot of a medicine that he is allergic to. He had consulted the notes which had…


Documenting Problem Employees

Picture this, you call your secretary in your office, she waltzes in. You tell her that she is fired for incompetency and casual attitude. She goes crying outside your office, packs her stuff and leaves. Before leaving, she has slyly put in the word in the office’s gossip-monger’s ears that you fired her because you wanted…


Contemporaneous notes of a Nurse

Ask the importance of one minute from a game show participant, ask the value of one second from the person who just avoided an accident and ask the value of one micro second from the sprinter who just lost a race. Similarly, ask the importance of a missing number in a nursing note from  a…


Contemporaneous Notes as a Police Officer

A robbery in daylight, a murder in the dark alley, a drug racket in the downtown and a chase through the by lanes of the city. That’s the day in the life of a Police officer. A lot happening… Right? But there is only so much a human mind can remember. The chronology, the details…


How to Deal With Workplace Harassment

Many employees in various industries suffer workplace harassment or bullying – repressive, demeaning or obnoxious conduct. Recent research indicates that the majority of victims of workplace bullying do nothing to rectify the problem. Employees who take no action to deal with harassment problems have been shown to be far less productive compared to other employees….