Contemporaneous Notes – Ultimate Guide 2017

Contemporaneous: Definition [kuh n-tem-puh-rey-nee-uh s]

“existing, occurring, or originating during the same time social and political events that were contemporaneous with each other

~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Definition of Contemporaneous)

Legal Definition of Contemporaneous

This means taking place at the same time as another occurrence.

~ Legal Dictionary (Contemporaneous: Legal Definition & Legal Meaning)

Contemporaneous Notes as Evidence - Not Just for FBI Directors

Article: Contemporaneous Notes as Evidence – Not Just for FBI Directors
“Apparently, Comey documented a conversation with President Trump prior to being fired. This ‘contemporaneous note’ may call into question the real reason for the firing…”

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How to Maintain Contemporaneous Notes & Records

Investigations of the cases for actual abused and alleged or some kind of neglect in some of the cases can lead the way for civil or criminal proceedings. For example, police can call the investigators as witness during the criminal proceedings.

They can do it on behalf of the regulatory bodies which are in connection with the civil and criminal proceedings against the registered providers.

Contemporaneous records which are prepared during the investigation process can be used for just one purpose. These notes can also be considered as the most important ones in case there is a need to produce the evidence during legal proceedings.

Notes that are prepared during the meetings with people, phone calls, inspecting the premises, etc can also be referred as the contemporaneous notes.

It’s the real value of the contemporaneous notes that can enhance evidentially in case they are considered in particular ways. To make these notes allowable in terms of showing the evidence during the criminal proceedings, these notes have to meet the requirements of

Rules of Evidence as well as Statutory Codes of Practice. You can get a good view about this while following the Police & Criminal Evidence Act of 1984.

  • Notebooks have to be considered as the official documents. Well, the notes added for them should include a few things.
  • Factual writing that can be read out at the court without any hesitation.
  • It should be made with ink during the event or as soon as practical or reasonable.
  • Notes should be dated properly.
  • Notes should not be copied from other sources. They need to be the original ones.

Contemporaneous Notes can be Used as Evidence!

Before you move deep into the real explanation behind contemporaneous, it’s always better to know why this term is used and under what conditions.

If you will compare this term with contemporary like word, you can find that both these terms share one or two similar sort of things or situations.

However, contemporaneous is the term that is primarily used to suggest things that have originate, exist, or happen during a same time frame.

However, the usage of these events can differ among contemporary and contemporaneous to some extent. For example if groups and people are active during a same time period, then they can be considered as contemporary to each other.

There is another example you can find like the beach boys and the Beatles are contemporaries.

Here this term is also working as the noun. The fact is that these two elements are active during the same time frame.

It’s the term contemporaneous that elaborates events, trends and movements which have happened during a same time frame.

It can be better understood with another example like the financial crisis occurred during the year 2008 is contemporaneous to the presidential campaign that happened during the same year. Well, the fact is that both these events took place during the same year.

Well, as far as the real definition behind contemporaneous is concerned, it is quite narrow, and also confined to this one in just one direction.

The fact is that contemporaneous is the term that can be taken in a broader sense and sometime this word is considered to suggest modernity and current events.

It can also be used as the noun which denotes a person who might have existed during the same time when another person used to exist.

When we are talking about contemporaneous and want to know the real definition behind it, we should go for certain examples that are based on the approaches mentioned earlier in this note.

It’s the internet where you can find several examples that suggest the real meaning of the term contemporaneous and how this can be used in order to make things more apparent.

When we are talking about the term contemporaneous, how we can miss the definition behind contemporaneously? In order to understand the reality or the actual meaning of why the term contemporaneously is used, we need to go through a thorough research material.

This type of term is primarily used when there is a need to make notes. So, the question is that when you need to make the notes contemporaneously?

Or when you need to make the notes in a contemporaneous manner?

You should start analyzing the fact that what are the contemporaneous notes and why they are used or when they are used?

Well, as per the basic guidelines, you can say that notes which are made during a same time of the year or soon after an event or incident has occurred can be considered as the contemporaneous notes.

These are the best times when contemporaneous notes can be prepared. However, a contemporaneous note can also include a few important things.

  • Diaries
  • Notebooks
  • Running sheets
  • File notes
  • Minutes note

Contemporaneous notes as evidence:

As far as the creation of the notes is concerned, these can be prepared contemporaneously which created contemporaneous evidence to the case that you may be investigating. Well, here the term contemporaneous is used to suggest the approach behind making notes that carry the details of events or incidents which have occurred during a same time frame. This can also be defined as the most accurate record which was made during that particular time. Sometime this type of note can be prepared soon an event completes. It is a kind of record you maintain and it also suggest about the relevant evidences which are observed, done or heard during those events.  Most of the time the maker of such notes is responsible for adding these evidences for these contemporaneous notes on the basis of what he heard, did or seen during an event.

There are a few better examples of elaborating more about the contemporaneous. These examples can also be considered while searching for the definition of contemporaneously. Well, the contemporaneous notes can also be taken as the evidence. This is better suggested in the evidence act 1995, Section 72.


Statements about someone’s health conditions that are considered to be contemporaneous:

Its hearsay rule which is not applicable for those evidences, which are represented by people to describe the health condition of a person in a contemporaneous manner! This rule is also not applicable for those evidences which suggest more things related to a person’s feelings, intention, sensations, frame of mind and knowledge about particular aspects.  Under these conditions, the notes need to be made very soon after the incident has occurred. In this way, these notes are going to remain more accurate as they are made soon after the event. In this case, such notes will be considered as the fresh ones and it is also assumed that the aspects related to the event are still fresh in that writer’s mind. So, these notes will be considered as the most accurate ones when they are challenged to prove the evidences that are added. However, the fact is that it’s not going to be possible for the writer always to prepare the notes soon after the incidents. There are some situations when preparing such notes may appear as an impossible task.

For example, an investigator is investigating about the covert surveillance. He can sometime fail to produce a written note while trying to offer a complete view of what happened. He can also fail to produce the tape recording. Under this condition, he can become a fool! Under this type of condition, the evidence notes need to be prepared as soon as possible after that incident. Later on, the investigator can add the reasons behind why he made those notes to the whole copy. In this regard, first we need to know the time frame during which a contemporaneous note can be written once an incident has occurred. It is highly related to the freshness of the writer’s memory and not really related to the time frame. As per another fact the freshness of the writer’s memory can hamper once the time frame for twenty-four hours has passed.

Well, a note that is based on the action conducted by the investigator can also be considered as contemporaneous. For example such note can be based on the activities that are conducted while meeting a person, a note that is based on the conversation occurred during that time, or possible a note that elaborates more about the physical activities like document inspection; these notes can also be considered as the contemporaneous ones. These notes are considered to be prepared with contemporaneously approach. Well, an evidence note or file note that is written in a more narrative manner can also be taken as written in a contemporaneous way. These notes are often considered to be prepared from the contemporaneous notes. Well, the fact is that file notes are often prepared soon after an event occurred. Due to this reason the validity of such notes also depends greatly on the fact like when they are made and how fresh the event is in memory of writer or inspector. A contemporaneous note is something that is made during the time of an incident. But the fact is that during an incident, it is not always possible for the writer to make such notes. The chances are less! But once the incident comes to an end, the writer has to prepare it. The freshness of the note decides whether it’s a contemporaneous one or not!


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