Problem Employees and How Should the HR Department Deal With Them

The only way that a company or firm can keep on running smoothly is that the employees of the company keep on working sincerely, without creating any problems. This is the reason why HR departments have been created, it is the job of the HR or Human Resource department to recruit new employees and ensure that they work properly without creating any problems. Unfortunately, there are always some problem employees in most companies and it seems that the only purpose they have is to create problems for the HR and management and hinder in the smooth working of the company. For an HR manager, it his duty to tend to these problems and settle all the issues without prolonging the case, but for that there are some things that need to be done.

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Identification of the Problem Employee

No organization or company is immune to these problem employees, the company remains at the mercy of their departments who are required to tend to these employees and settle the matters. Before a solution to a problem can be found, it is first required to identify that problem so that a correct assessment can be made and the problem be understood. If you do have such employees in your work force then it rather easy to identify them, problem employees usually have a very poor attendance. They have performance and discipline issues, they are suspicious, discontented and lazy during their work. All of these attributes are not at all pleasing and such employees have to be dealt with, if these employees are left alone and not attended too then it can bring many problems for the company.

Become the HR Master

If you as an HR manager are required to deal with such problems and issues with your employees, then it is necessary for the manager to become a master at his job. There are some attributes that should be possessed by every HR manager, the most basic of these qualities can be classified as discipline, certification and firing. In a more correct manner, these things are not qualities but are steps that should be followed by an HR manager if he wants to ensure the success of his company. If things are not able to be brought under control while using the first method which is to make every employee disciplined and sincere then the other major steps need to be taken.

Firing and Documentation Problem Employees

The most difficult job in the life of an HR manager is that they have to fire an employee unwittingly. This step is very important because if the problem employees remain in the company or organization then it will not be able to climb the ladders of success. While firing an employee it is important to do the proper documentation because there should be no loose end which allows the fired employee to file a lawsuit against the company. By created detailed contemporaneous notes about all interactions with the employee from the very beginning, you will be able to clearly show that steps were taken to rectify the situation before the company was forced to fire that employee. If you are unable to clearly show the steps you took to correct the problem employee, then the courts will often favor the employee who wasn’t given a chance to correct his behaviors. Proper documentation that is accepted within the courts could potentially save your company tens of thousands of dollars.

These are some things that are required to handle a problem employee, if these steps are not followed properly then the company might be compelled to fire the HR manager himself and hire some other person in place of him. This is because the company wants results and if the existing HR manager is not able to provide them with the result then he will be rendered useless.


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